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    Advanced Search - How to Deal With Multi-tier Assigned Group

    Brandon Williams
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      I am trying to create a Search Query that looks into an Assigned Group called "Service Desk." The problem comes in that there are multiple Assigned Groups named "Service Desk" on several different tiers.


      This is the layout for two:

      RNOSC-I --> ENEC Union III --> Service Desk

      RNOSC-I --> ENEC Erbil --> Service Desk


      As you can see, the end of each of these tiers is the same: Service Desk.

      I need to know if there is a way to make the search string differentiate between the two Service Desks.


      Note: I know you can manually select the appropriate Assigned Group from the drop-down box and run the remainder of your search string against that. The issue with that being that this is far from being a one-off case as there are literally dozens of similar situations.


      Thanks in advance for any insight provided.