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    Work Order Group Notifications Fails for One Group

    T. D.
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      Good morning, I was wondering if anyone has seen this situation before.


      We have a group in our test environment that does not get a Work Order Group Notification, just this one group; all other groups work fine.


      I deleted the Support Group and recreated, the same thing happens.


      I create a new Work Order and assign it to a Support Group and the support group notification shows in the Audit Log Notifications. I then try and assign it to the support group that does not work; no notification and nothing in the Audit Log. I then tried to assign it to a person in the Support Group and that works, and the notification shows in the Audit Log Notifications table.


      Has anyone seen this before? We are running 9.1.04 patch 2.


      All other Support Groups work and notifications; the Disable Group Notifications in the group form is OFF, I checked.


      Thanks for your help.