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    E-mail message ignored due to the e-mail's FROM address matches the TO address

    Patricia Butcheck
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      This is something we are currently struggling with; when our IT team copies the shared IT mailbox in order to update the ticket, an email (rule?) configuration is currently ignoring these emails.  Our tickets are not capturing details.  


      Originally, when we started our TrackIt configuration and setup, we connected a shared IT email account. We have tickets auto-generated when our customers email that mailbox. The idea and practice was that individual IT staff would email from their respective mailboxes and cc the 'shared' IT mailbox. 


      However, more and more our analysts are emailing our customers from the shared IT mailbox, and we are finding that tickets are not updating. I found the email audit to show the reason is this policy:  E-mail message ignored due to the e-mail's FROM address matches the TO address.


      So although this issue may have been present for a while, it is now becoming a problem as human practice has changed (due to working remotely) and we need to change how TrackIt handles these tickets.


      I don't see a rule created for this type of policy.  It appears to be a built-in policy.  My goal is to remove this policy / rule entirely. We want all emails from the shared IT mailbox to update the respective tickets even if the sender and the recipient are the same mail account. 


      Is there a way to remove this policy? and if yes, where would I find it? I do not have a rule listed under our Email Configuration (Rules for Senders), so I'm not sure what is triggering this policy to ignore emails.



      • I know we 'can' email via the ticket - this does happen. But this isn't what our team does 100% of the time
      • Everyone is working remotely, so we have a heavy usage of the shared email as a source of our communication threads, and we want every email updating the ticket. Presently notes are not being added to tickets due to the 'ignore' rule
      • Our IT staff is trained to add the WO# to the email subject line; and if they email from their personal accounts the tickets are updated successfully
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          Cris Coffey

          I believe the only solution is to train the technicians to send emails from their own account and carbon copy the Track-It! account and NOT use the shared email account Track-It! uses to send emails manually. This rule is in place so that rules don't go off the rails and create an endless stream of emails. Imagine if an email sent from the Track-It! account to the Track-It! account sent back an auto response, to itself, and then based on teh rules, that auto response was read and generated another auto response.  Or worse, if the rules were configured to treat every email as a new ticket, then the looping emails would generate thousands of tickets in a very short time. This is set up to NOT allow the Track-It! email box to email itself for these reasons.

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            Eric Liszt

            I would agree with Cris.   Track-It! is designed to work with its own "system" email account... not one shared by multiple people.


            I would recommend that you consider removing the technicians' rights to that shared mailbox.  This would ensure the correct human behavior.  The end result would be one where any email to clients would either be sent from within Track-It! (automatically recording the interaction in the ticket) or by technicians using the method Cris described where they send it from their personal account.