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    'Agent filter' in CMA policy not reducing instance count in TSIM

    Sagar K N
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      Hello everyone,


      Our TSIM server has exceeded monitored attributes threshold count, though we have just connected our ISN's and agents(20 ISN's and 1000 Agents) and not enabled any CMA policy for monitoring as we are using agent threshold for monitoring (TSOM version 10.7).


      To reduce the attributes count i have created a CMA policy as in below snap , however after the polices are successfully applied to agents the instance count in Ops console infra report still the same.


      Ops console infra report :

      Devices 4517

      Monitors (Active, Inactive) 330398 (330398, 0)

      Attributes (KPI, Non-KPI) KPI%: 3830604 (348910, 3481694) 9%


      Can someone please guide on ways to reduce the monitored instances count..!


      Thanks in Advance,

      Sagar K N