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    All tickets by requester

    Dave Curzio
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      Is there a "database hack" or something I can do to change the default sort order when selecting "All tickets by requester"???  To me it should sort by the most recent ticket to the oldest ticket, but for some reason it defaults to the other way around.

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          Richard Rowe

          Hi Dave


          Am I correct in thinking this is a Custom View created in 11.4?


          If I'm not mistaken, if you sort by descending order in that view, it will hold that setting regardless if you change the view, jump into another module and exit out of the application and log back in.




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            Dave Curzio

            Apologies, I should have been more specific.  I keep forgetting that 11.4 is still a thing. 


            This is for the 2020 version.  All tickets by requester is a built in thing you can do.

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              Cris Coffey

              If you are referring to the view in the Help Desk, you can change the sort order to what you prefer, then save the view as a custom view and use that from now on.

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                Dave Curzio

                Apologies.  Let me be more specific.


                We have LOTS of users that call in and have no idea what their ticket number is.  So to find the possible ticket that may be open for this user we have to go through these steps:


                1. Start a new ticket
                2. Type in the user's name
                3. Press tab
                4. Press the little two window icon on the toolbar
                5. Select "All tickets for Requester (N)"
                6. Then on that view that comes up I have to press the Ticket ID column TWICE (to get it to sort from newest ticket to oldest ticket)


                Step 6 in my opinion should already be sorted from newest ticket to oldest ticket, but it isn't.  Is there some sort of hack/change I can make from my side to make that happen?

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                  Cris Coffey

                  Ah, I see. I would suggest creating a view in the help desk with the requestor name included and sorted the way you want. Then when someone calls in looking for a ticket they cant remember, you can select that view, click the filter button and enter their name and instantly see all their tickets. Then you dont have to create a new ticket, find them in there and then have to open the existing one and cancel the new one.

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                    Cris Coffey

                    You could also group the view by requestor or even filter for only open tickets. Then save that view and its right there easy to look at.

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                      Dave Curzio

                      Chris regarding your suggestion of the view, I like it.  Here is the problem.  Our company has 500+ users.  I added the filter to use as you suggested, but unfortunately when I use the drop down, there are 26 pages of users to go through.  Also unfortunately (using my name as an example) I cannot type Dav and press TAB or press the dropdown to get the entries that match that criteria to select the name (similar to if I was opening a ticket and typed Dav and pressed TAB it would show me a list of user that match that criteria like David Smith, Dave Jones, Davina Wilson, etc.).

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                        Cris Coffey

                        Ah, I can see how that can be an issue with the filter. I am not sure why you cannot type part of the name here but I was able to type in the whole name of the person to get it to work. I will ask around and see if there is any other way to do this.

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                          Dave Curzio

                          Yeah, that would/could be an option if the system and the name they went by matched up.  Sometimes they are Dave, David, Davy, and sometimes their name is Michael but they go by Bill.   Hahaha!!!


                          I appreciate your assistance with this.  Hopefully someone will have a creative solution for us.