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    Business Service Relationships

    Babar Shamsi
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      Want to create 3 tier business service relationship other than service offering.

      For example:

      Service 1 : A (Business Service, served as Parent and have child "B")

      Service 2 : B (sub service of service 1 i.e. "A", have child "C")

      Service 3 : C (Sub-service of Service 2 i.e. "B")

      then service offering under Service 3.


      This needs to be enabled on the incident form of BMC Remedyforce Console and Service Request Portal.


      Can anyone assit?

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          Mike Leveiller

          Babar, Are you trying to do something like this?


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            Babar Shamsi

            How do we call "Service A", "Service B" and "Service C" fields at the incident form using Console? and how end user selects via self service portal while submitting a ticket?

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              Mike Leveiller

              Babar, From the console, you should see the "Service, Configuration Item and Asset Details" section with the 'Service" field. Once you click on the lookup icon, you will see a popup listing all of your Services. (see below)



              As for Self Service, If the field is visible on the 'Submit a Ticket' layout (Field Set), then it will behave in the same fashion - lookup to the available Services.

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                Babar Shamsi

                At a time you select only one service at incident form, we want to select three....

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                  Anne Brock

                  It would be interesting to hear more about the use case. I'm thinking you could put three lookup fields in the SRD that looks at business services in the CMDB and they could choose one per field. Then the question is what to do on the back end- put them in the description field? I don't know if there's an easy way to link them under the details/related CIs.

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                    Mike Leveiller

                    To Anne's point, it would definetly be interesting to understand the use case. Now that I understand a little more as to what you are looking for, this topic is still worth a discussion to understand it fully. But to answer your original question, yes it can be done as demonstrated in the screenshots. But now its to understand not only the purpose but also the final result of what you need displayed in 'which' field and if this is something your customer needs to report on (Parent/child Services) Sure you can create dependent picklist with the list of services but they wont be lookups to the CMDB. But do they need to be? In my opinion, there are still tto many questions that need to be asked and answered before a solid answer is provided.

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                      Babar Shamsi

                      How can display parent child business relationship at incident form on console as well as end user portal when creating incident?

                      Presently only one service is displaying at incident form.

                      Case is at incident form, we want to give selection of three business service, when user selects parent service then it gives only to select child service of said selected service.

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                        Anne Brock

                        You're asking too much of your end users, in my opinion...No end user is going to drill down through all the related services to get to the one they care about.


                        As far as I know, lookups can't use an earlier field to filter the lookup. (So they choose something in field 1- field 2 does a lookup based on field 1). That would need to be an idea, unless Mike or someone knows a way to do that.


                        While I don't advocate this necessarily, you can use the category field - that will show them multiple levels and they can pick the one they want.


                        But expecting end users to pick the right sub-service... not going to happen, in my opinion. I'd have one field; you do the look up to show all the business service classes (parent and children in a list), and they pick the one they want.

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                          Mike Leveiller

                          I agree with Anne. Asking clients to select subservices is not something most clients would even know. Babar, you may want to discuss the process with your customer and suggest alternative means that may assist them in what they are asking.

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                            Babar Shamsi

                            Actually in CMDB we have three tier business services , distributed hundred of business services in three level. If we offer selection of one service at incident form then list is huge to select. That's why need to select service then sub services at incident form.

                            My opinion is to create lookup relationship and call the same at incident console.

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                              Paul Donder

                              Hi Babar,


                              You would be better of using the Category tree. Set s tree like, service, technical service, offering.


                              The deepest level that is selected you will sync with an apex trigger into service. Via tgat service you track that sla.


                              For reporting needs, you have the actual service, but also the hierachi of the services via Category field.


                              Ps still In my opinion you should have 1 end iser supported service. In order to offer that service you will have different technical services. This latest tech service is set for your internal sla, while the parent business service is in place to track the customer sla.


                              Hope this helps


                              Paul Donders


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                                Babar Shamsi

                                Thanks Paul.

                                In our case category is not part of service catalog.

                                We can tag category with business service.

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                                  Paul Donder

                                  I understand, but idea is to mis use/reuse the category tree for your use case. I can show you a demo example scenario if you need...but if it needs to a sit in the std service logic, I guess it will be over complicated.


                                  Advise; contact your partner, explain the business case in detail and come up with a logic joined approach.

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                                    Babar Shamsi

                                    Appreciated Paul.

                                    Category is not part of CMDB.

                                    Secondly can trigger SLA on category?

                                    Anyways, it seems that in BMC Remdyforce it is difficult to customize incident form to select more than one business service in a form of parent child relationship. Remedyforce offers service and offering relationship at incident form.

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