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    CMDB Archive Manager

    Ryan Nicosia
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      Looking at the CMDB archive manager to cleanup our BMC.Asset dataset as we have a bunch of CI's that are disposed that we want to keep around.   Has anybody came up with a good way of leveraging asset lifecycle status in their qualification?


      Current thought is to extend CMDB with "Archive" attribute on Base Element and then write a filter to set that flag to "Yes" when AssetLifeCycleStatus on AST:ComputerSystem form is updated to Disposed.  If AssetLifeCycleStatus is changed from Disposed to something else, we can then clear the flag.


      Any thoughts?  Anybody doing it another way?

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          Gustavo del Gerbo

          Hi Ryan,


          I like this idea. I think it is a good archiving policy.

          So you are saying to automatically populate "Archive" to yes when "Disposed".

          But if you want to keep the "disposed" ci anyway... will someone manually change this archive flag back to no?

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            Ryan Nicosia

            That is a good point.  Maybe the better idea is to control the archive by forcing our asset managers to flag them manually.  I'm worried that if I write a filter to set archive to yes on a modify of the asset and we want to keep one of them, any subsequent modification to that record could result in it inadvertently getting flagged.  Hmmmm....

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              Ryan Nicosia

              Well, I've got CMDB extended with a new attribute called "DisposedDate".  I have a couple filters that set that if status changes to Disposed and clears it out if somebody changes status out of disposed to something else.  Works good.


              (('DatasetId' = "BMC.ASSET" OR 'DatasetId' = "BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX") AND 'Model' LIKE "%virtual%" AND ('LastScanDate' < ($DATE$ - (((60*60)*24)*15))) AND ('DisposedDate' < ($DATE$ - (((60*60)*24)*60)))) OR ('DatasetId' = "BMC.ASSET" OR 'DatasetId' = "BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX") AND NOT 'Model' LIKE "%virtual%" AND ('LastScanDate' < ($DATE$ - (((60*60)*24)*15))) AND ('DisposedDate' < ($DATE$ - (((60*60)*24)*90)))


              That is the qualification and when I paste that into the archive qualification editor and click save, it verifies there are 2 CI's matching the qualification and do I want to save?  I click yes but when I go back in, the old qualification is still present.


              Does anybody know where the qualification is stored?  Is it in an AR form I can look at and update / clear?

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                Gustavo del Gerbo

                In the form itself. You can check on it using Dev Studio.

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                  Ryan Nicosia

                  I'm not seeing the form the corresponds to the CMDB Archive Manager.  This is the qualification that won't clear out and let me update.


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                    Gustavo del Gerbo

                    ok, I guess my comment was not clear.

                    In this case for example you can open the BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem form and check the "archiving" tab in Dev Studio.

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                      Prachi Godkhindi

                      For CMDB qualifications for all classes in the hierarchy are stored at BaseElement level with ClassID qualification appended to differentiate quals between 2 classes.

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