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    DMT Custom Template not working for Unrestricted User

    Sharvan Singh
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      Hi Experts,


      AR 9.1.04.


      we have multi-tenant environment. all the users are created under same company and then given access restriction. so user will either JUST have unrestricted access (No company on Access Restriction) or will have access to one or more companies.


      There is a requirement to load data on one custom and we want to use UDM. have created Atrium Integrator Job, Registered it and created Job Templates under Custom Template Category and everything is working fine.


      Now For Custom Category, Company is mandatory so when any user with Unrestricted access just try to create job and chose step from Custom Template they see list of custom templates but upon selection nothing happens. same thing works for a user who has access restriction set in People form and that company is one of the company selected in Company Access of Job Template.


      Tried playing around Assignee Group field on DMT:SavedJobTemplates Form but no luck. Haven't checked this in length but pasting it here for quick help if anyone with similar environment has already make it work?