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    Doubt about correct logics in Service Request - Fulfillment - Approval - Tasks

    Carlos Valle
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      Hello Guys;


      I would appreciate some help in this service request logic :


      - Three people envolved - A (who initiates the service request,  B (second person who must complete information in service request and C (provisioning staff).


      So, A must initiate the form and fulfill some informations. A is a staff (the same way C). B is a manager that must have access to the form and fulfiil other informations in the form, with access only to the Self-Service Portal.


      Here comes the first question:


      Since B must have access to enter additional information, A could initiate the form throug SSP on behalf B. This way B could edit the form and enter the additional information. Question: A can submit the service request from the RF Console intead of SSP in order to make the form available for B to edit?


      Here comes the second question:


      - staff A fulfills a block of information. In the case the form is submitted by SSP is it possible to hide the block of informations that B will be responsible for fullfillment (in order to not pollute the form for A) and show this block of informations only on B access for edit?


      Here comes the third question:


      - After B fullfills the information necessary, an approval process will be trigerred to C (provisioning staff) so, they can approve or reject. And in case os approval ok, a task must be triggered and must be attached to the Service Request record, so staff A can have an end to end tracking. How to accomplish?


      My doubt is: 


      If the service request could be fullfilled with all the informations at once, everything would be ok, since from inside the request definition we could automatically submit for approval and trigger task templates and all would be attached to the record. But, since the request definition will split in two parts for fulfill the input informations (first A and than goes to B for edit), this automation is not allowed by the platform from inside the service request definition.


      So, any clue will be greatly appreciated;


      Tks in advance;