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    How do I get a pdf of "MainView for CICS Monitors Guide"

    Kevin Kinney
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      I've been setting up monitors with no luck.  Now I find there's a manual called "MainView for CICS Monitors Guide".


      How do I get it?

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          Oliver Lemke

          Hello Kevin,


          the MainView for CICS v7.1 documentation is online here:



          There you find the links to the MV for CICS related documents. The document titles have changed in v7.1 - the "MainView for CICS Monitors Guide" is now called "Using data collection monitors".


          Should you be using an older version of MainView for CICS, please check the upper left of the page. Next to "Product version" there is a link taking you to the documentation for MainView for CICS v6.9, v6.7, and v6.7.


          On the left side of the page you find a couple of links. Pretty much at the bottom, there are links to the documentation in PDF format as well as some instructions to generate PDFs tailored to your needs.


          Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions. If you need further assistance with setting up the monitors, please consider opening a Support Case.


          Thanks and best regards,


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