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    Question to the Upgrade from RHEL6 to RHEL8 and 19.02 to 20.02

    Miroslav Horvath
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      We run our version of RMD 19.02.001 on RHEL6. We need to upgrade the OS because of toxicity. Our previous plan was to go to RHEL7 but during the time RHEL8 is supported by the rmd 20.02. So our plan is to move to RHEL8 and to RMD 20.02.001

      According to the compatibility matrix, version 19.02 is not supported on RHEL8, while version 20.02 supports old RHEL6. We plan to do it this way


      1. Upgrade the current 19.02.001 to the 20.02.001 on current RHEL6.

      2. Copy the installed application with the same folders and same structure to a new machine running RHEL8.

      3. run the app on a new RHEL8 machine. (the new machine will have the same Hostname and IP as the previous one, while after the copy, the previous old machine will be turned off/decommissioned). The same principle were used by our SAP colleagues, when they have migrated SAP instances and Oracle.


      Are there some things, which needs to be changed/covered, that after the upgrade to the 20.02 is finished, the move of the app from RHEL6 to RHEL8 will need some other things to be set ?