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    Trackit 20.20.02

    Isdept Stevens
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      Is anyone having issues with blank requestors?


      numerous times, a ticket will appear, the requestor is blank... I have raised this before and the work around is go into the requestor's profile copy and paste the email into the field and save it... This works for a little while then it happens again.


      not a specific requestor.. it is random.


      We just updated from 20.20.01 to 20.20.02 and I was hoping this would fix the issue but it has not.


      is there a fix for this? is this a bug?

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          Brian Da Silva


          When creating the tickets and adding the Requestors information to the tickets, the comparison is done with the Sender Email Address and that of the existing Requestors Email addresses. If there is a match, only then the Requestor is populated on the ticket.


          Track-It! stores the email addresses as SMTP:{briand@bmc.com}briand@bmc.com format in the database. When the BR is triggered the following log is generated in the NAMMBL.log

          '9504 |2020-09-14 10:23:55.1051 | TRACKIT | INFO | NAMMbl | Execute | Action Parameter : 'Requestor Email' = 'SMTP:{briand@bmc.com}briand@bmc.com' '


          Check you server for this log and see what the "Requestor Email" value is being captured. If there is a mismatch in what is being captured by the BR then you need to fix the BR.


          if there is a match then Track-It! must be storing the email addresses wrong in the DB. This will need further investigation.



          Brian Dasilva

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            Cris Coffey

            Or possibly update the email address for that user in the system.