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    Helix - GRC

    Rijo George
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      Hi All ,


      Two quick questions and looking for your suggestion


      Does Helix has any GRC ( Governance Risk and compliance) module like Service now?

      Can Helix integrated with any GRC provider ? If yes any pointer towards it would be beneficial



      rijo george

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          Matt Laurenceau

          Hi Rijo.


          BMC Helix contains various governance/risk/compliance capabilities, especially (but not limited to) around Change Mgmt ITIL process.

          What specifics are you trying to achieve?


          Regarding integrations, there are many APIs (REST, etc.) that you can use.

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            Anne Brock

            The GRC process can be handled by the tickets and workflow within the ITSM module; there's not a separate solution. Because it can be handled through the product, processes, workflow, and people, BMC does  not have an integration to a third party provider although, as Matt said, you can of course use the APIs to integrate with another product if desired.


            You can always check the Marketplace to review integrations


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