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    Business hours for an individual

    Steven Pataray
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      We are trying to figure out a way to have an entity user in a Support group only be notified between 11pm - 7am. This Support Group has business hours between 7am - 11pm. But this Support Group may still receive P1/P2 INC tickets to it's group between 11pm - 7am. So during this time we want "notifications" sent to both the Support Group and the Service Desk. If the Service Desk finds out it is a real P1/P2 INC they will escalate to the Support Group manually; otherwise, will downgrade the ticket.


      So our thought is to create an entity user (aruser) with the Service Desk email address and place this entity user into the Support Group. The only thing is we don't want the entity user to be notified 24x7 just because they are in the Support Group. Only during the 11pm - 7am time period. I'm not sure if we can use Business time for a user.


      The other way would be workflow through an escalation to add the entity user to the Support Group at 11pm. Then remove the entity user at 7am. Thoughts??


      Remedy with SmartIT 18.08