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    Details on CMRPRBT message text

    Kevin Kinney
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      I can see problems in a CICS region.  I can see the MsgId that indicates the error.  How do I see the complete message text?


      >W1 =CREGPRBZ=========(ALL======*=======)21SEP2020==08:52:10====MVCICS===D===19

         Region  MsgId  Count                           Message Text                 

        -------- ------                                 ------------                 

        PCICSGLI FT091S      5  ******************************************************

        PCICSGLI FT092S     15  ******************************************************

        PCICSGLI FT093S      6  ******************************************************

        PCICSQA  FT091S      4  ******************************************************

        PCICSGLI FT091W      5  ******************************************************

        PCICSGLI FT093W     16  ******************************************************


      Thank you

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          Sergio Stefanini

          Hi Kevin,


          Have you tried to place the cursor in the COUNT field hyperlink?

          This will open a view with the messages:


          CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                           

          >W1 =CREGPRBZ=CREGPRB=(ALL======*=======)21SEP2020==08:24:36====MVCICS===D====2

            Region   MsgId                                Message Text                        

          --------      ------                                  ------------                        

          CAGA     FT043S  TRAN CKTI       TASK    66 EXECUTING 186772.1 SECONDS > 60.0  

          CAGA     FT043S  TRAN CKAM     TASK    59 EXECUTING 186791.2 SECONDS > 60.0  


          Let me know if this helps.



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            Kevin Kinney

            No I did not.  I tried it with most other columns, but not the count.


            This is the perfect answer.


            Thank you