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    Integration Studio:  Flow won't start

    Clark Bohs
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      I'm having issues with my flow in Integration Studio.


      The flow is to send an email using my Gmail.


      1.  It won't start when I try to trigger it by emailing clarkbohs%gmail.com@developer.integrate.bmc.com.

      2.  It won't run when I try to start it manually

      3.  No indication of any activity in any of the instrumentation

      4.  The Dashboard says "You do not have any flows that have been activated" even though I have an active flow



      Note that the flow is Active.  Note also that says Last Run = Never.  I've actually manually run it several times and I get a popup saying that it was run.



      Here are details of the flow:




      Here is the Dashboard:





      Here are the field mappings.  Note that I have hardcoded the values to simplify it.




      I appreciate your help and advice!