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    TrackIt Software upgrades

    Eric Brunning
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      We are currently on v11.4 and would like to upgrade to the latest v20.20.02.  Do I have to do an incremental upgrade and do I have to run a database migration?  I am looking for directions on how to do this upgrade on our Virtual Server.  Would it be better to do a fresh virtual server and install the latest full version and attach our database?  Lastly will it update our client technicians desktop software?

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          Kannaa Chilla

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            Eric Liszt

            Hi Eric Brunning,


            Track-It! 2020 is very different than 11.x.  For example, this new version doesn't even use client software any longer.  100% of the functionality is available via the browser.  


            I think your first best step would be to review the What's New page on the website to get an overview of the new 20.x platform:  Once you've done that, I would very strongly encourage you to read the 11.x to 2020 migration checklist.  This is a step by step guide on how to move from 11.x to 20.x.  From experience, we've found that customers who follow the steps in this document have the best outcomes with the migration.  The doc not only provides the process but also links to the free online training videos that help you understand the differences between 11.x and 2020. 


            There is a lot of great new stuff in 2020.  I think you'll like what you see. 

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              Richard Rowe

              Hi Eric


              To elaborate on Eric's reply, it isn't an incremental upgrade but in fact a migration.


              20xx is a fresh install with it's own database (the install also provides the option of installing Client Mgt, if you are currently using discovery/auditing to support the Inventory module, then install this too).


              When installed, you have the option to run the data migration tool to bring your data from 11.4 into 20xx. (The tool will allow you to bring data in for testing purposes, whilst you continue working with 11.3, then you can configure 20xx. Once happy with 20xx and the configuration, run the migration tool again for an up to date capture of your 11.4 data).


              The links that Eric has shared are an excellent guide to help you transition.


              And if you need further assistance, then there are some fantastic consultants around that provide professional services .


              Good luck and enjoy