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    How to report on Asset site address (including postal code)

    Omar Latif
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      Hi everyone


      Can I ask if someone knows how to show the zip/postal code of sites listed in the OOTB Asset Management view?


      I am trying to create a report to show the location of each asset that our company owns. I can view the site name in the Asset Management view (Form: 'AST:BaseElement' and Field: 'Building').  But I cannot seem to find the zip/postal code of the site/building listed in this form. Is there a way to link the site in this form to the 'SIT:Site' form to get the postal code? Or if another way is possible?


      Eventually I would like to create a GIS bubble map which will show all our sites in the country and the quantity of assets at those sites.


      Kind regards


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          Danny Kellett

          Hi Omar,


          Login to Application menu > Smart Reporting > Smart Reporting Console

          From the top menu, Create > View

          Select AR System as the data source

          Select Multiple Tables radio button

          Click Create View

          On the left, Database Tables box, search AST:BaseElement and drag to the Entity Relationships work area

          Do the same but for SIT:Site

          Click Create New Join button



          Select Inner join (so you only want the ones that match) as the Join Type

          Select Many to one e.g. many Assets to one Site as the Cardinality

          Build the join details as Building Equal to Site Click Add and Save & Close



          Click the Gear icon on the AST:BaseElement and select the columns you need on the right. Example below:


          Below the list of Columns, click Conditions: AST:BaseElement

          Click New and add two sets. First Data Set Id to BMC.ASSET to make sure you only get production data

          Then one NOT IN LIST to make sure you exclude unwanted data such as people or service requests. Have a play. Example here:



          Click the Gear icon on the SIT:Site and select the columns you need on the right, assume you want Zip/Postal Code.

          Click Prepare from the top menu and check some of the data

          Click View > Save. Name the view. Click Save and Publish

          Now you can create a report from the Create > Report and select your new view.




          Hope this helps




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            Omar Latif

            Hi Danny


            Many thanks for the step by step explanation, very helpful.

            I managed to create my report in the end.


            kind regards