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    CMDB/AI 20.02.01 - Atrium Explorer - Editing CIs

    Robert Radwanski
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      I am preparing for upgrading my customer's platform from 9.1.03 to 20.02.01. Have already upgraded and patched my TEST environment. Now am trying to get acquainted with the new CMDB UI functionality.
      Documentation available under https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac2002/editing-cis-and-relationships-in-bmc-cmdb-explorer-908213694.html
      states that:
      "3. Right-click the CI and click Edit Instance.
      The CI opens in its class form in Mid Tier. For example, if you edit a database CI, the BMC.CORE:BMC_DataBase class form is displayed."
      In my case, however, the CI is opened in the asset form (not the class form).

      Did I miss some additional configuration step?

      Kind Regards,