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    Trackit 2020.02 Self-Serve Business Rule logic ?

    Christine Pimblett
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      Hi there. We just started testing 2020.02 and I am seeing an odd behavior that does not seem logically to me and perhaps is unintended. In ITS, we do not use support specialists, everything first gets assigned and triaged by helpline. On the Physical Plant side they do use support specialists. Our data is migrated from 2019.03 where you can assign support specialists but self-serve ignores them. That is working beautifully now for common request self-serve templates. I understand that you have to manually go in and choose the support specialist as default for the category for self-serve. That is fine. But, before I realized that, we have a business rule that moves tickets for physical plant categories over to their group and triage tech which worked in 2019.03 but now is ignored. The logic that overrules it seems to be flawed. The exact same business rule but on the ITS side works fine because we do not have support specialists for categories. I plan to select their support specialist on each category as default but want to raise this as a potential issue.


      "In Self Service, if you do not select a category or if the category that you selected does not have a default support specialist, the Self Service default settings are used to assign the ticket."

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          Cris Coffey

          I dont completely understand the issue you are having but I can explain a change in behavior in 2020 R2 which was intended and then perhaps that may help you troubleshoot why your business rule isnt working as before.


          We had complaints that the support specialist wasn't being automatically assigned from Self Service so we added that functionality in 2020 R2. Now, if the category selected has a specialist, it will be assigned to the ticket automatically. If there is no specialist for a selected category, the self service default value is assigned.


          Does your rule have a condition that looks for the Self Service default specialist by chance and if it sees it, then it re-assigns it? 

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            Christine Pimblett

            Thanks Chris for that insight. We do want the support specialist automatic assigning but it does not get applied by default for categories assigned one in 2019.03. Once I manually assigned each category to default to the support specialist in self-serve, it works fine but it one is listed but not selected as default, the business rule that used to work which assigned the ticket to the correct group and intake technician depending on category does not get activated. The business rule works fine for categories that have not support specialist listed. I do not have a rule that looks for a self service default specialist and am not sure how I would do that.

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              Cris Coffey

              Ok, I think I am starting to see but I am still not completely sure I understand. Here is a little more info. Below is a screen shot of the Category screen. There are a few things you can do to influence how Specialists are assigned based on the selected Category in self service tickets.

              1. In 2020 R2, this is the first time you have had the option to specify the default Specialist per Category for Self Service. If you want the default Specialist per Category to be automatically assigned in Self Service, you need to go into each Category and set the Default in Self Service option for the Specialist you want to be the default for that Category. We had to implement it this way so we didn't break everyone who was used to it working the other way and so we could deal with automatic assignment of a Specialist in Self Service if there were 2 or more Specialists defined.
              2. If you don't have any Specialists assigned at all for a Category OR if you haven't set the Default in Self Service setting for the Specialist within the Category, then the main Self Service Defaults under the General Self Service settings will be applied.
              3. Any rules, depending on the conditions you specified, should fire after the ticket is saved. If you have rules that are not firing, it is likely because they have conditions that are now not being met because of this change in workflow. 


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                Christine Pimblett

                Thanks Chris. I think before I assigned per your screen shot, the rule must have been firing because the conditions were no longer met although I could not figure out why for the one group and not for the other except the only difference was the one failing to process had the service specialist assigned, just not for self service.

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                  Cris Coffey

                  Is the problem resolved now?  I feel like I didnt help much but hopefully something I said above led you to the answer. 

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                    Christine Pimblett

                    Chris, I think it is fine, just wanted to note that the logic does not seem to work if a support specialist was assigned in 2019.03 but not set as self-serve default.

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                      Cris Coffey

                      Correct. If the specialist was assigned in a version prior to 2020 R2, then there is no default self service setting because that setting was not available in prior versions. Rather than make the assumption that every customer would want every specialist to become the self service specialist, we left existing specialists alone so customers could decide for themselves.

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                        Christine Pimblett

                        That makes sense, I just can't figure out why it invalidates the same rule that works for categories that did not have a specialist assigned in 2019.

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                          Cris Coffey

                          We would have to dig into the rule and see details. Might be a condition is different now or something else has changed.