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    Windows Upgrade Fails - What Next??

    Steve Gibbs
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      When I create a Patch Group and assign the Windows 10 2004 ISO Service Pack everything looks fine but when I try and deploy the upgrade I get a "Failed" response with an external error code. What can I do to see what happened?

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          Steve Gibbs
          • Take the ISO from your test device located under Data\PatchManagementPremium\Patches\Groups\100x\Base\Patches and copy the iso to a folder under the C Drive.
          • Open a command windows and navigate to the folder where you put the ISO and type "setup /extract" (This will mount the ISO to your next available drive, probably E:)
          • Next type this command "setup /auto upgrade /compat scanonly"
          • The process will run a compatibility scan and reveal why the upgrade could not continue. Typically due to Antivirus.


          I have typically found that MacAfee is the root cause of the failure.

          Once you uninstall the offending installed software then the upgrade will proceed without issue.


          Here is a link to a document that may assist you:

          Windows Setup Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs


          Steve Gibbs

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            Dominik Kress

            Hi Steve,


            Two other products where also could have an impact are a Hypervisor (like VMWare) or VPN Client. Had trouble with both in the past at different customers. So I think it is worth to mention when someone else tries to identify the issue.

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              Steve Gibbs

              Thanks Dominik for adding additional items and I encourage anyone that has had to uninstall software prior to upgrading Windows 10 to a newer build to post it here so we can have as much info as possible as folks troubleshoot Patch Deploying Service Pack for Windows 10.