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    BMC Helix Remedyforce: Doubt on spoon flow

    rodrigo barcat
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      Hi guys,


      I am running the AD integration from Spoon and today when I ran the job it generate an error (below).



      My doubt is, if the username is the same, the flow does not need to update the record? It is look like that it is trying to create the record first.



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          Amit Jaiswal

          Hi Rodrigo,


          Is this user a prexisting user in this org where the AD integration is done?

          If so, if the user was manually created, it will not have the "External ID" set in the BMCServiceDesk__UniqueUserIDInSource__c field on user object.


          It is the value in this field which "maps" a user on AD to Salesforce.

          Amit Lathi




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            Amit Lathi

            In Salesforce, user’s record "BMCServiceDesk__UniqueUserIDInSource__c" (external id) field stores the active directory "userPrincipalName". If “External ID” is not populated, then here it is trying to insert the new user rather the updating the existing record and giving duplicate username error. You can correct the existing records using data loader. After correcting the data this will work.


            If records are created through AD migration using Pentaho then it take care of this and populate "BMCServiceDesk__UniqueUserIDInSource__c" field then next run update the same record information and sync with Active directory example manager information.






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