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    Request Definition Input to Invoke Template - issue with CMDB lookup

    Chris Troyer
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      On several of my Request Definitions I have Inputs which Lookup values in the CMDB such as Physical Location, Organization (Business Units), and Software. These are set up with Lookup filters to only return the desired values when users are filling out the form. This piece works great.


      I want to use these Lookup Inputs with the Invoke Template function to generate certain Tasks based on the Lookup Selection, e.g. if someone selects Facilities as a value for the Department lookup I want to generate a specific Task for that selection. The issue I encounter is when I click Invoke Template to select the appropriate Lookup value the Lookup Filter is not applied to the CMDB values on the conditions form. Instead of seeing a short list of the properly filtered items I see a seemingly random selection of records from the CMDB, from computers to network cards (our CMDB is populated with data from BMC Client Management). Even if I carefully scroll through everything displayed I cannot find any of my desired values as it appears to show a limited number - screen shot below.


      Is anyone aware of a solution for this issue? Or do I need to raise this as an idea to apply the lookup filter to the Invoke Template selection screen as well?


      Thank you!