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    Get Entries by Query usage

    Mohamed Atta
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      I have business requirements in part of DWPC workflow to search in CTM:People form where Department equal " Development Dept" and update the retrieved records with specific Manager.


      how can i achieve that by using Get Entries by Query? i have reviewed BMC Documentation but it wasn't clear

      I appreciate your support if you have any ideas?


      Marek Ceizel  Judy Andrews

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          Hugo Stadin

          Hi Mohamed,


          I made an example for you. I doubt this is the best way of achieving this but at least it should do the trick!




          Object (Local text variable)


          Get Entries By Query

          Query: "'Department'=""" + "Development Dept" + """"

          Field IDs To Retrieve (Optional): "{" + """" + "Person ID" + """" + ":" + 1 + "}"         This is optional


          Build Input Set

          Key1: "ManagerLoginID"

          Value1: "testuser1@test.test"

          Key2: "ManagersName"

          Value2: "Test User"


          Sub-Process Loop

          Loop Type: Sequential

          Loop Data Input: Get Entries By Query -> Output

          Input Data Item: Object


          Json Parser (to get value of Person ID)

          Json: Object

          Path For Search: "$..['Person ID']"


          Name: Object

          Source: Json Parser -> Output


          Replace All (To remove brackets from value)

          Text: Object

          Regexp: "\[|\]"

          Replacement: ""


          Name: Object

          Source: Replace All -> Output


          Set Entry

          Form Name: "CTM:People"

          Request ID: Object

          Field Values: Build Input Set -> Output -> Inputs




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            Mohamed Atta

            Hello Hugo,

                 Many thanks for your detailed answer , let me give it a try and update you