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    Change Owner of a Dashboard in TrueSight Presentation Server

    David Taggart
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      One of our employees was responsible for building a series of Dashboards for VIPs in our company, and sadly has left. Because they still own the dashboards, we're unable to make changes. Is there a way to reassign ownership of a dashboard in TrueSight Presentation?

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          Jonathan Macey

          Hi David


          If you are on TSPS 11.3.03 there was functionaility added in this version around dashboards that may help:

          Sharing and copying dashboards - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3 - BMC Documentation

          "Tenant administrators also have access to non-shared dashboards or dashboards not shared by anyone. This capability can help tenant administrators manage dashboards that are no longer in use."


          If you cannot find a way to change the owner, then take a copy of the dashboard and delete the original


          Hope that helps.



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            Bertrand Imbert



            There is way to do it in pogress db.


            As I'm not an expert with sql I'm using pgadmin tools to connect to the progress db and then you can do it.


            There is the 3 table for dashboard ownership
            dashboard -> you will see all the dashboard, from this table what is important is the 1st colum, the dashbaord ID
            dashboard_user -> here you will see the user and tenant, again the important info is the 1st colum , the user ID

            user_to_dashboard -> it is here that the owner is defined -> 1st colum is the user id from dashbarod_user and the 2nd is the dashboard id from Dasboard table...


            So in resume you need to retrieve the Dashboard ID that you want to change the owner from Dashbaord Table, and also the new user id that you want to assign from dashboard_user... when you have the both info simply change it in table user_to_dashboard.
            hope it helps

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              Gordon James



              Bertrand is spot on here.


              I've been in the same position with dashboards owned by users that are no longer in the organisation.


              A direct update with the new owners id of the relevant dashboards via sql resolved this. I changed all the owners to the built in "oper" account using sql.


              I think I have also changed the title of a dashboard by editing the "copy of" key string. This enabled me to then make my own initial "copy of".the dashboard through the GUI.


              Obviously make a backup of the DB prior to any changes.