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    Is there a way to silently install & configure Outpost?

    George Klarmann
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      Working with a company who automates everything and wants to automate the installation and configuration of Outposts.


      "Please can you provide details how to install the package silently from the command line? We will not have an Engineer click through the GUI. We will run the install via our config management."


      See the docs to silently install a Windows Proxy but nothing for Outposts. Just checking in to see if I missed some documentation or if there's any undocumented feature.


      Passed -h into the .msi installer package which returned a list of generic .msi options.


      Any chance there are options to:

      install outpost

      set admin pw

      register with discovery service (AWS)

      create AD Proxies (using GMSA)

      create credentials


      Any other options or ideas on how to meet this silent install & config request?