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    BLCLI addPermission to Smart Patch Catalog Group

    Drew Trachy
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      I've successfully created a Smart Patch Catalog Group with the new BLCLI commands....




      ... but I'm having trouble updating perms. I can get the DBKey using groupNameToDBKey, but when I attempt to update with "DepotObject addPermission" I'm getting this error:


      An error occurred while attempting to access the database. No value specified for parameter DEPOT_OBJECT_ID


      I've passed the DBKey in via variable and typed it in manually, but still no luck. Any ideas?


      blcli_execute DepotObject addPermission "DBKey:SBLGroupModelKeyImpl:5134203-889388272" Everyone PatchSmartGroup.Read


      I've also tried DepotObject applyAclTemplate, but same result.