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    Scan optimization timeout in dynamic network environments

    Danny Fleer
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      Hello community,


      I have a question about the "Scan optimization timeout" in dynamic environments where IP addresses are constantly reassigned to different devices. One good example are windows desktops that connect via VPN or in general DHCP managed network environments.


      Situation: Customer has enabled the discovery of desktops. Once a day all subnets are scanned by BMC Discovery. To sucessfully discover als windows desktops, a script periodically queries the Active Directory to get data about windows desktops, their IP addresses and the reachability of these IP addresses. If an IP address responds to ping, a scan is initiated using the BMC Discovery REST API.


      Customer observed that a lot these scans end up with the result "Skipped (Optimizing on initial scan)" and the end state "Opt1stScan". I investigated the issue and I think the reason for this is the "Scan optimization timeout" setting. The default of this setting is "7 days".


      Could please someone tell me if the following assumption is correct:

      A window desktop is scanned for the first time on the 2020-01-01 by the IP address The next day the windows desktop has been assigned the IP address Now scanning this IP address will end with the result "Skipped" and the end state "Opt1stScan", because the preferred IP address is Is this correct?


      Best regards!