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    Request page layout style is different for a new role

    Ian DeCelli
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      I created a new Role and it inadvertently changed the layout of the Request form for that role. Normally we use the layout where each of the sections takes up vertical space along the page (and some are expanded by default; for other sections, users have to expand it to view the fields in that section), but the view for this new role requires you to select the tabs on the left-hand side of the page explicitly to see the fields for that section (similar to how the form designer itself is laid out).


      I want it to look like this for my new role (and it already looks like this for the default Agent role and Customer role):




      Instead it looks like this (only for the new role I created):




      The new role I created is an Agent-type role. I haven't found anything yet where I can define the whole request page layout for a particular role; only field-specific options. Do new roles use a different layout by default, that I can change somehwere?