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    Best Practices for Incident Templates

    Ashli Foust
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      Hi all! Our organization is looking into utilizing Templates more to assist in resolving Incidents, but would like some guidance on how best to create them... specifically, what should be in the Description Field? What should be in the Resolution Field? We would really like to configure these in a way to make them work well with the Smart Suggestions in the Console. Currently, they've been created almost like KBAs, with the Description containing the steps the Tech needs to take to resolve the issue, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the Knowledge Articles.


      Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions? Anything your experiences have taught you to avoid?


      Thanks in advance!



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          kedar zavar

          Hello Ashli,


          You can run reports on most common issues example, you will get this data from system


          -Password reset

          -Printer issues like toner , paper jam

          -Any company  specific


          Once you have it create templates to reduce no of steps and manual entry include



          Short description,

          category to granular level





          Create some templates without resolution internal, as you may send out resolution on create You can use knowledge articles.


          Expose few templates on self service portal as well for common issues, you can laos ask questions in description field



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            Ashli Foust

            Thanks Kedar! That's what I thought, but couldn't find any 'official' guidance, so thought it best to make sure I was on the right track. I appreciate the help!