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    controlm commvault backup issue/question

    Jeffrey Jordan
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      Does anyone else use controlm to execute CV backup scripts to do their backups? We've started having an issue where communication seems to be getting lost between the 2 so while the controlm job says it submits job to our CV server, it never submits on the CV side so job eventually errors - I assume some kind of timeout error but can't find anything on controlm side to verify. The only fix we seem to have so far is to reboot the CV servers or stop/start the CV services on the CV db/app servers. Has anyone had this kind of issue & found what issue is? Is it on ControlM side or CV side? Is there other fix as current solution can be problematic if there's lots of CV backups going (we'd have to suspend them then do the server or services bounce) & we have many backups that run not just by controlm job but many more that are handled strictly by CV.