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    VM Snapshot through BLCLI

    Nishanth Kumar Gajulapalli
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      We have requirement to create VM snapshots for multiple servers through TSSA, So I have created Type 2 NSH script as below,





      VIRT_ENTITY_KEY=`blcli Virtualization getVirtualGuestKeyByServerName $VIRTUAL_GUEST1_NAME`

      blcli Virtualization snapshotVirtualGuest "$VIRT_ENTITY_KEY" "$SNAPSHOT_NAME"


      I have executed the Job without any targets.I am getting the error message as VM1 is not enrolled but the VM1 is actually available in vCenter.


      We are using Shared TSSA instance and there are many vCenters are added to TSSA. Looks like script is not checking in right vCenter.


      So how to make the script to check for VM's in the right vCenter.