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    Has anyone else noticed 02 patch slowed everything

    Janna Horn
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      I installed the 20.20.02 patch this last weekend and there are numerous complaints that the service is very slow and even kicking techs out of the system. Has anyone else noticed this and how did you fix it?

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          Richard Rowe

          Hi Janna


          I haven't had any of my customers in EMEA, namely the UK and Ireland report speed issues with the 02 release, though I've had a customer who had issues with technicians being kicked out in release 01.


          This issue is resolved but rather than put a solution on here, (as there are a few different steps that can be taken as part of the process of elimination including updating the configuration for scheduled jobs, which may be down to your personal environment), could I recommend contacting support for this issue?


          They will be able to provide some steps that should work to resolution.



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