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    Set-up Import Task from LDAP

    Kevin May
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      I need to set-up an "IMPORT TASK" to import all the Users from the AD server.

      I go through setting up the "Task" as follows:

      Source type=LDAP

      LDAP Server Address=(IP of the LDAP Server)

      LDAP Server Port=389

      LDAP Base Entry=OU, OU, DC, DC (all specific to the LDAP server)

      Distinguished Name=(Fully Qualified Name)

      Password=(password for the Distinguished Name)

      TEST Connection = SUCCESSFUL


      LDAP Filter - blank (not a required field)

      Authentication method - blank (not a required field)

      Container = Global Address Book (specific name)

      System Role for all Users = "Customer"

      Authentication method = LDAP Auth


      Container = (our name for the Global address book)

      Container role = All Users Read Access

      Item type in Container = Contact


      Map import Fields

      User Management Fields      -> Field Type      -> Source Fields

      User*                                      -> Text               -> userAccountControl (I have tried various selections for this)

      Name*                                    -> Text               -> name


      Outcome Notification -- BLANK

      Schedule Task - I provide a name, Click the "Immediately" radio button, set the recurrence.


      Click the "Schedule Task" button


      I receive an "Unexpected Error", the task window does not populate, the "Unexpected Error" states some of the following (no I can upload, my instance of Footrprints is on a Classified System. Error "Infrastructure.Error.001"


      Any ideas

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          Romuald Bois



          Given the nature of the problem and the fact that your system is classified, I suggest you opened a Support case, if not already done, in order to guarantee and preserve your data integrity.

          This will require log analysis and also / most probably a remote session... if possible.

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            Kevin May

            Unfortunately a remote session is not an option, the best I can offer is the following:

            Message: Unexpected error.

            Error Code: lnfrastructure.Error.001 Build Number: 45

            Serial Number: FP122847

            Log Entry Identifier: 49a8f921-6abc-44ac-9c68-09163f5c7e5c Details:

            • Stack Trace Summary:
              • com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.dataaccess.DataAccessServiceException : Unexpected error. [lnfrastructure.Error.001]
              1. com.numarasoftware.footprints.infrastructure.framework.error.ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.throwExceptionSubclass(ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.java:187)
                • org.hibernate.lnstantiationException : Cannot instantiate abstract class or interface: : com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.taskmanagement.generic.GenericScheduledTask

            at com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.dataaccess.DefaultQueryManager.executeNamedQueryForObject(DefaultQueryManager.java:484)



            1. com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.dataaccess.DataAccessServiceException:  Unexpected error. at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorlmpl.newlnstance0(Native Method)

            at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorlmpl.newlnstance(Unknown Source)

            at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorlmpl.new Instanee(Unknown  Source) at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newlnstance(Unknown Source)

            at com.numarasoftware.footprints.infrastructure.framework.error.ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.throwExceptionSubclass(ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.java:187)

            at        com.numarasoftware.footprints.infrastructure.framework.error.ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.logThrowable(ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.java:139) at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor565.invoke(Unknown Source)

            at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorlmpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)

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              Romuald Bois

              Hi Kevin,


              I have seen these errors in the past, and you need to open a support case in order to have a very close look at the database and tables.

              It doesn't matter if we cannot have a remote session, but this cannot be easily resolved over a Communities thread I'm afraid.

              Last time I saw this the customer had to restore a database backup to solve the situation.

              I presume this is not the only moment when you are seeing this error, and other parts of the product may be impacted as well.