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    Normalization failed

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi all,


      We are on Helix 20.02


      I got a list of assets which failed to undergo the Normalization process.


      I have received a report which has many CI's along with Instance ID and reconciliation ID's. The excel sheet has below columns which leads me to believe its a report.




      Next step is to check what went wrong and why they failed.


      I went to Normalization console on Atrium:Console and searched for Show all Job Runs with Status = "Failed" in the History page, but not even a single one appeared.


      I am perplexed as to why not even a single job appears there when I know normalization has failed.


      So I am unsure where to commence investigation.


      Last week, I had a similar issue but found some discrepancies in a few model names and manufacturer names in the following forms and fix the inconsistency -





      But for this issue, so far, I have only requested NE logs of all successful jobs, and now hoping to find something in there.


      Would someone kindly guide me as to how should I commence?