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    Approval emails mail box

    Majd Alsadi
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      I have two outgoing mall box in our environment one is the default and the other one used for change management in custom filters notification, now the approval email that you can approve the change from it is still sending from the default one.


      How i can change it to the other mail box.



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          Sidhdesh Punaskar

          what is ITSM version?

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            Sidhdesh Punaskar

            Try this

            Create a copy of existing filter : NTE:NTS:Email_200_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplate_SMIT

            Lets name it as NTE:NTS:Email_200_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplate_SMIT_ChangeApproval


            In original filter: Append qual:

            Form Name01 != "CHG:ChangeAPDetailSignature"


            In new filter (NTE:NTS:Email_200_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplate_SMIT_ChangeApproval)  which is copied from above filter append qual:

            Form Name01 = "CHG:ChangeAPDetailSignature"


            Now, in second action which is Notify

            click on "Show Unused Fields"

            And hard code your mailbox in this filter.

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              Majd Alsadi

              Dear Sidhdesh,


              Thank you for your reply


              But i notice on your provided filter there is an call guide and one of the filters in the call guide : INT:RBEEML:GetMailMailServerUsers


              In the set field qualification is when the default mail box = "Yes" it will set some fields.


              Is it ok ?? as i'm afraid that it will affect some other functionality.



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                Sidhdesh Punaskar

                In original filter, we are bypassing the notification only related to change approvals -Form Name01 != "CHG:ChangeAPDetailSignature"


                In custom filter, we have hard coded mailbox name in notify action itself and it will only run for change approval notifications (even no other application approvals) and use mailbox defined in notify action.


                I would suggest to test this in lower environment to find out impact on other functionality before implementing in PROD