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    configure import task to pull from ldap

    Kevin May
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      How do I configure an Import Task to pull contact records from Active Directory. Our previous IT director was attempting to fix the task and deleted that. No documentation exist on how to configure the import task for this. Complete steps would be extremely beneficial

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          Joe Packard



          If you are on v 12 or later, you can simply configure the address book to read from AD/LDAP.




          I’f you are on 11.x or prior, you need to DynamicAD connector.

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            Kevin May

            this was great information, however, that portion works, now I need to set-up an "IMPORT TASK" to import all the Users from the AD server.

            I go through setting up the "Task" as follows:

            Source type=LDAP

            LDAP Server Address=(IP of the LDAP Server)

            LDAP Server Port=389

            LDAP Base Entry=OU, OU, DC, DC (all specific to the LDAP server)

            Distinguished Name=(Fully Qualified Name)

            Password=(password for the Distinguished Name)

            TEST Connection = SUCCESSFUL


            LDAP Filter - blank (not a required field)

            Authentication method - blank (not a required field)

            Container = Global Address Book (specific name)

            System Role for all Users = "Customer"

            Authentication method = LDAP Auth


            Container = (our name for the Global address book)

            Container role = All Users Read Access

            Item type in Container = Contact


            Map import Fields

            User Management Fields      -> Field Type      -> Source Fields

            User*                                      -> Text               -> userAccountControl (I have tried various selections for this)

            Name*                                    -> Text               -> name


            Outcome Notification -- BLANK

            Schedule Task - I provide a name, Click the "Immediately" radio button, set the recurrence.


            Click the "Schedule Task" button


            I receive an "Unexpected Error", the task window does not populate, the "Unexpected Error" states some of the following (no I can upload, my instance of Footrprints is on a Classified System. Error "Infrastructure.Error.001"


            Any Ideas??

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              Joe Packard

              Starting @ Filter

              This is used to import users from specific OUs or Groups.  Customers often use a filter to import the “agents” first, then go back for a full import with the Update Existing Users unchecked.


              User Profile and Authentication look OK

              Associated Containers;  This is where you would assign the user the areas of the product they have access to and at what level.  If the need to create tickets in a container, you need to grant the access level to that container. Example; Service Desk – Read, submit, edit or AddressBook – read request.  You will want to grant all users the access they will need (at a minimum).


              Where I see the biggest issues is in the Field Mappings.  All users need, at a minimum, User ID and Email Address. When you make a successful connection to LDAP, the available fields windows will populate.  Always start on the Footprints side and match to the LDAP side.


              User Name/User ID will map to samAccountName

              Email will map to mail

              Full Name maps to cn


              Hope that helps,


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                Kevin May

                Thank you, I will give this a shot






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