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    Question and also a recommendation needed on People to CI relationship - alternate field for login id

    Carina Burns
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      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the People form entry id has a key relationship with the CI's via asset instance ID in the AST Asset People Asset Base table.  There are columns for role, tag number, CI name, and login name too which should make reporting easier for me.


      My goal is to bring in our student data (~40k of K-12 kids) into the people form as "customers."   I then need to relate the CI the student was issued (iPad elementary, Chromebook secondary).  I can load a teacher name into the manager field as the homeroom checkout point.   Corporate ID field works to hold their student id number but where would be a good parking spot for their AD login?  The Transactional_Asset UDM spreadsheet for foundation data has Login ID as a required field...but Login ID isn't needed to relate a CI to a people record.


      Besides, as soon as we use/fill the login_name field in the people form, our licensing agreement will consider that record a "named user" regardless of whether they ever actually use Remedy/SmartIT/DWP (which they never will).  Or at least that was my understanding at our last audit as Service Desk includes DWP Basic. Service Desk includes "Asset Light" so certain parts of Asset management can't be used as we don't have full ITSM licenses (no chg, svc lvl mgt, app license tracking, etc).  I was reading where others were using change ownership to track/relate an asset to a person.


      I'm not trying to get around any licensing issue.  I'm trying to figure out how to do a mass load to relate the people record to a CI without using the login name.  Or did I just stumble onto some unspoken thing where you're supposed to burn a license to relate people to assets?


      While the students won't have a remedy login, I do want to park their AD info somewhere in the people form (that won't be a license violation) so that I can do an intermittent electronic inventory with an atrium job.  Similar to the SCCM plugin, the plan is to build a job and use GSuite to gather up the chromebook network connectivity of the chromebooks and JAMF for the Apple devices.  The students connect to our network with either an email address or a variation on their student ID number.


      Where would you recommend I park the login information other than the login name field?  It'd be nice from a reporting standpoint if it was a field that already gets related within Asset People Asset Base....But it is possible to build a custom view for reporting in which case all of the pager fields and email address in CTM:People are fair game.


      Has anyone done a similar exercise and if so, how did you approach this?


      I'm guessing either the existing Foundation load job would need to be altered or a separate UDM job will need to be created to relate an asset to the people record without using Login ID?