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    Smart IT - Business Service's Service Type Field Question

    Lenny Warren
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      I am using BMC Smart IT 20.02 and have accessed the Backup Infrastructure (Business Service) CI through the Asset Console.  When viewing the CI, I noticed the Service Type of Business Service or Technical Service is not available/visible.  This is a field that helps determine if the Business Service is to support a business based on resources/money or based on technical aspects. 


      I went to the Configuration settings and was able to add in the Service Type field. 


      Once added, I refreshed the window, opened up the same service CI and saw the field.  However, it was not populated with Technical Services (which it is set in BMC Mid-Tier).  I tried to add in the Technical Service but was not allowed access to add anything to the field.


      So am I missing something or is there an issue with the Service Type field and it can only be populated in the back of the form?