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    Server Smart Group based on installed application

    Mike Poole
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      I've created a Component Template which "discovers" Windows Applications (using Microsoft Silverlight as an example).


      I then ran a Discovery and created a Server Smart Group:


           Any Server Where ??Templates*?? contains Class://SystemObject/Component Template/ApplicationInstalled_Silverlight


      This works fine and the Server Group is populated.


      However, if I then delete Silverlight from a server and re-run the Discovery - the server remains in the Smart Group (even though under the Component Template it is now marked as invalid)


      So the question is, how do I only have "valid" servers in the Smart Group ?


      Do I either:


      1. Use a script (blcli_execute Delete deleteModelObjectAndDependentObjects 251 ${componentKey}) to remove ALL objects under the component, and then run the Discovery again (contained in a batch job). Is it possible just to delete INVALID components only ?
      2. Make use of the "IS_VALID" property which is set to "false" for the server having had Silverlight removed - is this possible and how (I can;t see a way to include the IS_VALID in a Smart Group)