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    Can client side logs capture events on DWP portal?

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi everyone,


      We are on BMC Helix 20.02.


      We have a system in place wherein submitting requests from the DWP portal creates cases in HR Case Management.


      Issue is - we are getting a field incorrectly populated in many cases. A line appears at the bottom of the case which says → "This was submitted by Mr XYZ"


      My XYZ is supposed to be the name of the requestor, however, in our cases, we are seeing that it is being populated with the employee name, which is incorrect. It should contain the name of the employee.


      My idea is to login as an enduser , activate his AL client side logs, submit a form as the enduser, and capture in AL logs all the events while submitting the request in the DWP portal. The AL logs which I speak of can be enabled from the AR System User Preference form, which is in the "Logging" tab.


      However, I have tried doing this in the past but I have observed that client side AL logs only work on classic/ native Remedy ITSM, and not on smarter side of things such as DWP/ SmartIT portal.


      Would someone please confirm my theory that AL logs cannot be used to capture events happening on DWP portal?


      Furthermore, would anyone please give me ideas on how can I troubleshoot this issue?


      Any feedback here would be much helpful and shall be disproportionately reciprocated with gratitude _ /\  _ ☺