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    Control  M - - Allowable Characters for password change

    Leandro Daniel Drabenche
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      Does anyone know which characters are allowed (and which are not) for use in control m? For instances, "<,>,Ñ,ñ" are not, but we work con Cyberak for a password rotation and we had a huge issue as they sent several passwords  for the "Run As" user using "<" and ">".


      I'looked through the documentation and looked for it but I couldn't find it !



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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi Leandro,


          The RUN_AS passwords are stored (encrypted) in Control-M/Server database but are used to authenticate a user against the OS or Active Directory, depending on how the OS on the Control-M/Agent host is configured.


          So at the basic format, the password needs to comply with the OS/Active Directory password rules.


          The issue you had, was it:

          1. The password stored in CTM/Server was wrong?


          2. The password stored in CTM/Server was correct, but the authentication against the OS/AD failed?


          My guess is #1 is what you faced.

          I don't think there are any "rules" in Control-M that limit what these passwords can be. So I would look at how the integration between Cyberark and Control-M takes place? Meaning, I'm assuming that Cyberark passes the password to Control-M so it gets stored there. It probably uses AAPI's 'ctm config server:runasuser::update' service or the CTM/Server utility 'ctmsetown' to store the new password in Control-M. Maybe this integration is managing the password in a way that makes special characters not come across correctly?

          The way I would test is:

          - change the password for a RUN_AS user to include special characters in it

          - Use CCM GUI to set the new password in Control-M

          - Test the new set password works? You can use the CCM GUI's test option or run a job.

          If it does work, so the issue is with the integration from Cyberark to Control-M.


          BTW, if the integration uses AAPI so you can enhance it by adding the 'ctm config server:runasuser::test' call which can be used to validate the RUN_AS user works and this way identify potential problems when the password is updated rather than when jobs run.

          Config service - Documentation for Control-M Automation API - BMC Documentation




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            Mark Francome

            In general the product will take any alphanumeric character and the underscore symbol as valid characters.


            However, you can use special characters if you escape them. BMC have a help note for this -


            How do you set a password containing special characters when using the Control-M ctmsetown utility?


            (each special character must be escaped with a backslash).

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