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    Help on cmdb CI relationships

    ornella ardoino
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      I´m trying to setup relationships between CI´s taking redundancy into consideration, what would be the best BaseRelationship to do this?



      I can easily make a relationship (Dependency with Has Impact=Yes and Impact Direction = Source-Destination) where when a CI from Class A (Parent) is impacted it impacts all CIs from Class B (child), but I would like to additionally do a relationship that will consider the parent CI to be impacted when all the child CI´s are impacted. Or the opposite, a child CI that is impacted only when all the parent CI´s are impacted and not just one.



      Class A (A1)

      Class B (B1, B2,B3)



      A1 Impacted > B1,B2,B3 are Impacted

      B1 or B2 or B3 Impacted > A1 Not Impacted

      B1 & B2 & B3 Impacted > A1 Impacted



      When A1 is impacted B1, B2 and B3 are impacted, but if B1 is impacted A1 is not impacted, only when B1, B2 and B3 are impacted then is A1 marked as impacted.



      An example of this could be to consider when you have 2 servers in load-balancing supporting a web portal, only when both servers are down the web portal will be unavailable (2 parents, 1 child).



      Thank you!