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    Exclude range failed

    Leonardo Caldeira
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      I create an exclusion entry in the "Exclude Range" list with the Permanent option but that IP is still being scanned.


      What configuration should I do to not scan this IP?



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          Bob Anderson

          Your screen shot shows everything correct to exclude that IP address.

          You have not provided any information about your setup so it is hard to determine.


          • What version of Discovery?
          • Do you have a Consolidation appliance?
          • Does the Consolidation appliance also do Discovery scanning?
          • Are you setting the ExcludeRange on the consolidation appliance? (This has NO effect on the other Scanning appliances)
          • Are you setting the ExcludeRange on each of the scanning appliances in your environment?
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            Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

            Also, when you see this IP being scanned, is this via direct IP scan or via a vCenter implicit scan?

            If the latter,  this is expected because these implicit scans are made via vCenter not via a direct IP scan so Exclude ranges do not apply - Re: VCenter Excluded IPs

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