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    error performing creation of non-shared CIs - custom sync pattern to custom namespace/class

    Roland Pocek
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      hi Andrew Waters Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux


      i have a pattern that creates detail nodes on a host node with additional information. now i am trying to create a sync pattern for these detail nodes to sync them to a custom namespace and class and relate it to the computersystem.

      but i am getting "error performing creation of non-shared CIs", cant see much in the logs and also not on CMDB side


      that is the main part of the pattern, namespace is M01 and class is M01_DB_Settings



      mapping from Host_ComputerSystem.host as host

           traverse ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:Detail where type matches "Oracle Home" as ora_detail_node


      orahome -> M01_DB_Settings;


           end traverse;

      end mapping;




      computersystem := Host_ComputerSystem.computersystem;

      log.debug("Process OraHome Detail for %host.name%");

      for each ora_detail_node do

      log.debug("Mapping OraHome %ora_detail_node.name% to host %host.name%");

      orahome := sync.M01_DB_Settings(

      key := ora_detail_node.key,

      //Name := sync_name,

      namespace := "M01",

      Name := ora_detail_node.name,



            Source      := computersystem,

                Destination := orahome,

                Name        := "ORAHOMEONSYSTEM"




      no idea what is wrong and how to fix it, please help


      cheers rop