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    Footprints 12 Knowledge Base

    jodie Scherer
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      I know KB's can be searched by Keyword*, but can a KB article be made available based on selections within a let's say Incident?


      EX. Customer Chooses 'Hardware' Sub Cat. Printer

      Is there away to display the KB's that would be applicable to Printer Issues?


      It seems like somewhere along the way I saw this was possible somewhere, but I am unable to find it now.

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          Romuald Bois

          Hi Jodie,


          In fact, when you click the "copy from Knowledge base " link just above the description field within a Ticket, you are taken to the KB search, and from there you can specify exactly which word(s) you want to search from the KB.

          Here is an example with from my test system, and this would work the same way with the word "printer" if this is present in a KB article Title :


          KB search.jpg

          The result shows all the matching articles which have the specified word inside.

          IS this what you are looking for ?

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            jodie Scherer

            Thank you Romuald, this was very helpful.

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