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    CMDB sync help.

    Shital Hale
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      Hello All,


      There is one requirment for bmc discovery- cmdb.

      There is .txt file lolcated on the target server which contains application details ex. application name : bmc discovery.

      I have written the tpl to read that file and get the data in bmc addm on detail node as it will be like host to detail node relationship as below in the snippet.

      now I want to push this details in cmdb as a relationship like for xyz host the data has been read from the server .


      Like Host  name : xyz

               applicaiton name : ABC application


      I want to sync this reletionship to bmc.core:bmc_component class.I tried to refer OOTB TPL for the same but getting quite confused.


      Can some provide me an idea on this? please provide any reference tpl some one have. I understood that this the function i am supposed to use sync.rel.BMC_Dependency(), but i need little bit more guidance or reference on this



      Thank you in Advace!!!

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          Ankush Deshmukh

          Bob Anderson Lisa Keeler Experts need your help on this requirement. please guide on the subject.

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            Lisa Keeler

            I don't understand the requirements, and the screenshot is partial.  It doesn't show me what kind of node is being looked at. 


            The discovery pattern would be useful, if only to show what kind of node is being updated in Discovery.


            >>I want to sync this reletionship to bmc.core:bmc_component class.I tried to refer OOTB TPL for the same but getting quite confused.

            Why do you need a new relationship in the CMDB?

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              Bob Anderson

              I agree with Lisa.


              What do you really want to do?  You need to clearly define your requirements.  We will be glad to help when we can understand what your needs are.


              So, just taking a couple of guesses at what your nees are....:


              If it is to sync just the filename attribute, you need to have a landing spot on the BMC_ComputerSystem CI.  OOTB, this does not exist, so it will need to be created by your CMDB Admins.  Then you will need a custom syncmapping pattern to put the filename attribute in Discovery in the 'filename' attribute on the ComputerSystem CI.


              If it is to sync a relationship between the Host and the Application, you will be better served to add another pattern that can trigger off these Detail nodes you created to build a proper BusinessApplicationInstance, which will automatically sync to the CMDB with Host relationships.


              This could be a separate pattern for each 'Application', and as you see similarities, you could structure a single pattern to build all the Application instances.


              These patterns should trigger off a single 'main' application Detail node, then search for the other Detail nodes matching that application, create a BAI, and relate all the Hosts with the matching Details to the BAI.

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