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    Approval for WorkOrder

    ilhan KURT
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      Hi all,

      I have register workorder to approval server.

      I have implement followings

      • Create join forms wih AP:Detail and AP:Derail-Signature
      • Crate rules
      • Create notifications

      I have two kinf of problems.

      First my workflow based notification mechanisim is not working

      Second When I have approved the record from approval central approval done process rule is not working bu when I have global approve the records it works


      Any suggestion



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          Carl Wilson


          enable the debug logs for the Approval Server (Approval Admin Console > Settings) for the approval issue, and Filter logs for the notification issue.




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            ilhan KURT

            I have crated notification as Worflow based. It snot still working but when I make it email it works.

            After creating notification on AP:Notification system create a filter as below for workflow based

            In the guide it says create filter.


            The  filter which mentioned in the guide is above filter or should I create new one ?



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              Pallavi Hadavale

              For notification, You would need to update the above filter which create automatically based on record in AP:Notification. I would suggest you to refer any filter for Change so you would get more clarity.

              For the 2nd issue with Approval done rule, it will execute when all the expected approvers approve or based on whether configuration met for 'Approval Success' for that request? 'Approval Success' is defined on process level on AP:Process Definition record.

              When you do Global approve, you directly moves AP:Detail record to 'Approved' status and hence done rules getting executed.

              Please provide screenshot for your AP:Process Definition. Also you need to capture Approval Debug Logs with log level All.

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                ilhan KURT

                filter for change

                I have attached my approval process,


                Rule1 for get next approver

                Rule2 for process done


                When I look logs Although I have approved record Approval done rule is not in the logs

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                  Pallavi Hadavale

                  I think your Get Next Approver Rule qualification is incorrect, which is going to pass again and again and will attach same approver as you wont change status until Done Rule is successful.

                  Can you modify it just for a test as 'Level' = 0?

                  Can you please share approval debug logs as asked earlier?

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                    ilhan KURT

                    I made level =0

                    Id: WO0000000066302

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                      Pallavi Hadavale

                      I still see same qualification:


                      /* Pzt Tem 27 2020 16:42:31.0310  */ Process next approver rule  BüyükVeri1

                      /* Pzt Tem 27 2020 16:42:31.0310  */ Qualification: 'EkOnay__c' != $\NULL$ AND 'Status__c' = "Waiting Approval"


                      Also did you approve the request with approver 'BYOIKTG' as I dont see 'Sig-Approved' command triggered in the logs.

                      BDW, which AR/Approval version is this? Approval Debug logs looks little different to me.

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                        ilhan KURT

                        AR Version 201811180228


                        BYOIKTG is mine user and I approved with it.

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                          ilhan KURT

                          I found it and it was my mistake I had set the approval sucess as no more approvers.

                          I change it as completion rule and the process is working.

                          But still I have problem to send notification as workflow based

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                            Pallavi Hadavale

                            I'm not very clear on your requirement, but is there any specific reason you have configured Rule Based Approval process? If you already know the field which will have approver id and expects only one approver for the work order, I would suggest you to configure Ad Hoc type of approval process. You can refer 'Issue Approval' process for sample application which we ship OOTB. So you can define field for First Approver while configuring process and get rid of 'Get Next Approver' rule which is really not so useful in your case.

                            For workflow notification, check the Set Field action of the filter, does that matches with Change filter? Also based on the notification event tag you have used defining notification in AP:Notification, you need to create new tag in 'SYS:Notification Messages' form.

                            Please study logs to understand Change Notification flow and accordingly you can create filters wherever required for Work Order.

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                              Sidhdesh Punaskar

                              When we use workflow type approval notifiction, you need to specify message tag.


                              With same message tag, you should have message available in SYS:Notification Messages form.


                              Try to generate server side logs and check where it is failing? Is record pushed to NTE:SYS-NT Process Control?

                              If yes then logs would tell more on where process is failing.

                              If no then probably you are missing filters like change module.