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    Stop Task due date being determined by Priority

    Leo Dennis
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      Hello all,


      When we update the due date for a Task in BMC Remedyforce, it is not amended by the system if there is a priority already in the Task. it will then simply default back to the calculated due date based on that priority.


      Is there a way to make the system instead adopt our manually changed due date rather than using the priority?


      Have tried to use process builder but this hasn't worked either.


      Any help would be much appreciated.





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          Amit Jaiswal

          Hi Leo,


          When a new Task record is created with a Due Date manually provided, then the Priority calculation is doesnt override the user provided Due Date.


          When the record is subsequently updated, then the automatic Due date recalculation on Priority change based on a configuration in Admin Settings:

          Remedyforce Admin tab->Application Settings->General Settings as shown below.

          If this config is unchecked, then the Staff user will get a prompt to recalculate or not when the Task is updated with a revised priority.