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    Outpost Name values not populated

    George Klarmann
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      Using Helix DAAS to discover multiple LOBs where each LOB has there own Outpost(s). Started to make some reports for each LOB to see their servers and cloud services based on the Outpost Name on the DiscoveryRun.


      Have three Outposts deployed so far and when I list the DiscoveryRuns with the Scan Kind and Outpost Name two of the Outpost Names are populated, the third one is not. Also, the Outpost Name is not populated for the Scan Kind "Cloud" for the Azure Cloud DiscoveryRuns.


      search DiscoveryRun where endtime defined order by starttime desc show starttime as 'Start Time', endtime as 'End Time', duration(starttime, endtime) as 'Total Duration', scan_level, user, label, (cancelled or 'No') as 'Cancelled' processwith show starttime as 'Start Time', endtime as 'End Time', @2 as 'Total Duration', scan_level as 'Scan Level', user as 'User', label as 'Label', @6 as 'Cancelled', scan_kind as 'Scan Kind', outpost_name as 'Outpost Name'


      Same with vCenter vSphere Virtual Machines.


      search VirtualMachine where vm_type = 'VMware Virtual Machine' show vm_type, name, count, product_version, #HostContainer:HostContainment:ContainedHost:.name as 'Contained Host', #InferredElement:Inference:Contributor:DiscoveredAPIResult.#DiscoveryResult:Request:RequestSource:DiscoveryAccess.outpost_id as 'Outpost Id', #InferredElement:Inference:Contributor:DiscoveredAPIResult.#DiscoveryResult:Request:RequestSource:DiscoveryAccess.#Member:List:List:DiscoveryRun.outpost_name as 'Outpost Name'


      Any ideas of what's going on and how we can get these Outpost Name values populated?